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Guest Information

Mill Creek Country Club guests are always welcomed at the Club when sponsored by a Member. Appropriate guest fees and the circumstances under which guests may use the various facilities of the Club shall be established by the Board. Guest rules and regulations are as follows:

  • A guest’s sponsoring Member shall at all times be responsible for the conduct, charges attributable to, and actions of the Member's guests.
  • All guest fees shall be charged to and be the responsibility of the sponsoring Member. However, guests may use approved credit cards in the pro shop and restaurant to pay for merchandise or services at the Club.
  • Guests shall be subject to the Bylaws and Rules & Regulations of the Club. These regulations include but are not limited to:
    • Abiding by the Club’s dress code.
    • Talking on cellular phones is restricted to the locker rooms and lobby area; their use is not permissible in other parts of the Clubhouse.
    • Members & their guests may not bring food or beverages of any kind onto the Club premises without the approval of Club management. All alcoholic beverages purchased from the Club are to be consumed on Club premises (excluding bottled wine).