Membership Promotions

Now introducing the BUDDY ADVANTAGE promotion!

  • Equity members can join with a friend and split the initiation fee - enroll for as little as $2,500.  
  • Ages 39 or younger can join together in the Young Professional category and divide the $1,000 entry fee.

New Members who join under this program are required to join with another new member, a “Buddy”.  If the two members join together as equity members they will each be charged $2,500, which is ½ of the current equity membership initiation fee of $5,000.  New members can be from different categories such as an Equity Golf member and a Young Professional member.  Each would pay ½ of the posted initiation fee rate on their prospective membership. 

Contact Cory Carper at 425-743-1444 ext. 125 or e-mail at for more information!

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